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The Lost Boys

The Boys in Blue

String Aaron Nash Will
String Aaron Nash Will
The year is 1599, and a new musical sensation is sweeping the youth of England! A band of four energetic performers have created a new form of music called rock and roll, and the Taverns and ale houses of the world will never be the same again...

Led by the ever-present String, veteran of stage and salon, the Lost Boys are quickly spreading their influence across all of Europe and beyond.

Exotic reports surface again and again of Prince Aaron the Moor, whose nimble fingers and low, resounding voice provide a smooth, new definition to the word "bass."

The valiant Captain Crosby Nash of the pirate vessel Schadenfreude has allied himself with String and the lads, bringing his Irish sensibilities and tenor harmonies to the group.

A young wanderer with a familiar silhouette, William Son of William (we think) has a sharp wit and a sharper sense of rhythm despite his questionable lineage.

Let the kettle to the trumpet speak, the trumpet to the cannons, the cannons to the heavens, the heavens to the earth:

The Lost Boys carry on...